The Interactive Classroom
New Rochelle, NY 10804
T: 914-636-0888
E: astix@optonline.net

Company Background

The Interactive Classroom is an educational coaching and consulting firm founded in 1991 by Dr. Andi Stix. Its aim is to provide professional development services for teachers of grades 5 and up. The Interactive Classroom offers the latest articles and books written by Dr. Stix and Mr. Frank Hrbek, a long-time teacher in the New York City school system.


This exciting firm promotes cutting edge techniques for classroom use and for restructuring schools so that they may become more student-centered. It offers plans for using and integrating student-centered and hands-on teaching strategies, differentiated learning, authentic assessment, primary source documents, flexogeneous grouping practices, young adult literature, multiple perspectives, and writing across the curriculum, while meeting the national standards. After training or using our website, instructors are more readily able to communicate enthusiasm for their content area as their classrooms become more interactive environments.