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Exploring History


You are not alone in your search to find excellent materials that will effectively prepare students to take the new state assessments promoting higher-level thinking while using primary sources. We invite you to participate in an exciting new award-winning program called Exploring History. This program builds a strong knowledge base of information coupled with inquiry learning strategies to move information from short to long-term memory.


Training Seminars
In addition to 30 years in the classroom, Dr. Andi Stix and Frank Hrbek have many years of experience training teachers. They take great care in customizing their presentation to meet your district’s needs. You will come away knowing how to use hands-on simulations and experiences for in-depth understanding. After participating in the seminar, you will overwhelmingly respond that the Exploring History series is easy to implement and delivers results.


10 Reasons To Offer The Exploring History Seminars
Teachers will learn how to:


    • Raise student performance on document-based essay exams
    • Apply National Standards to each lesson
    • Train students to analyze and access primary source documents
    • Motivate and engage students through simulations
    • Embrace a multiple perspectives approach to instruction
    • Offer differentiated instruction using two or more reading levels
    • Improve reading by integrating young adult literature
    • Emphasize student persuasive writing and speaking techniques
    • Support negotiable contracting of rubrics
    • Explore collaborative learning through critical thinking strategies


Join the hundreds of teachers who have benefited from our seminars. Contact us today.