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Active Strategies for Curriculum Integration is an on site professional program for the middle school. It trains teams of teachers from traditionally based educational systems in the methods of integrated, performance-based learning. A unique aspect of the approach is that the teachers become students. They experience first hand the classroom environment they will learn to create. The workshop incorporates curriculum mapping, cooperative learning techniques, and authentic assessment to facilitate better comprehension and concept retention.


The program incorporates specific instruction in the use and creation of higher level manipulatives and teaching tools for performance-based instruction. The teachers use assessment not only as evaluation, but also to redefine future lesson planning. They develop greater levels of self-confidence by teaching as a facilitator, while maintaining structure and organization. Instructors are thus more readily able to communicate enthusiasm for the content as their classrooms become more interactive environments.


The Professional Training Program


    1. Models various ways to use social studies, English, math, and science in an integrated thematic approach.
    2. Offers systems of performance and portfolio assessments of concept mastery.
    3. Introduces curriculum mapping.
    4. Provides start-up lesson plans to introduce student-centered strategies.
    5. Introduces a problem solving atmosphere that maximizes participation.
    6. Increases teachers’ self-confidence as facilitators rather than as lecturers.
    7. Provides teacher into personal learning styles and an appreciation of learning differences among students.
    8. Bridges the gap between factual and applied knowledge.


The Philosophy


    1. Acknowledges that students of all ages learn by actively participating.
    2. Recognizes that students’ active participation in discovering content creates enthusiasm and can motivate students to master content.
    3. Presupposes that mastery of content enhances the self and develops self-esteem.
    4. Maintains that each learning experience is relevant to the student’s life.
    5. Acknowledges that students learn in different ways.
    6. Recognizes that the active learning method helps teachers identify each student’s specific strengths. Once these strengths are recognized, the teacher can help the student recognize and build upon them.
    7. Maintains that student strengths are a classroom resource, where success breeds success.
    8. Assumes that teachers can learn to facilitate active learning while maintaining structure and organization.


The Method


  1. Utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to instruction where subject areas are integrated.
  2. Generates a participatory exchange where concept, process, and product are balanced, based on a highly structured scope and sequence.
  3. Invites risk-taking behavior in a warm, accepting environment where the powers of thought are respected and critiqued. The teacher uses varied instructional strategies utilizing individual, small group, cooperative learning, and whole group activities.
  4. Encourages intrinsic motivation through participatory activities.
  5. Utilizes curriculum mapping and authentic assessment.
  6. Encourages the teacher to apply open-ended questioning techniques with more than one answer to a given problem.
  7. Uses many forms of communication to generate creative thinking, problem posing, and problem solving so that students’ cognitive strengths are tapped.
  8. Integrates subject matter mastery into the personal development of the student as an active member of the community.