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The Interactive Classroom
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Restructuring & Reform



We assist and help administrators restructure their schools to meet the current expectations in standards and assessment, leadership and management, scheduling and curricula design.


Standards and Administration
– Exit Outcomes / Standards
– Frameworks for Instruction
– Shared Leadership
– Site-Based Management


– Common Planning Time Blocks
– Block Time Scheduling
– Rotational Scheduling


Curriculum Design
– Making Language Art Connections
– Parallel Discipline Design
– Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design
– Integrating Statistics and Data Collection
– Integrating Technology


– Creating Rubrics Through Negotiable Contracting
– Alternative Assessments
– Portfolio Integration


– Reality Based Instruction
– Classroom Floor Plans
– Active Learning
– Cooperative Learning
– Open Ended Questioning
– Manipulatives for Constructive Learning
– Strategies that Promote Higher Level Thinking Skills


Special and Gifted Education
– Differentiated Curriculum
– Enrichment for Gifted & Talented Students