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Assessment Strategies

Through the years, my goal as an educator has changed very little: to help teachers create a truly interactive classroom that actively engages children in the learning process. Effective teachers empower students to accept responsibility for the learning process. However, as my experiences become more and more diverse, my philosophy continues to manifest itself through new and exciting vehicles.


This book offers an easy reference guide to the most current strategies for student-centered assessment. The three sections cover negotiable contracting, criteria assessment, and portfolios. The latter two sections include reproducible forms, which can be altered for classroom use. These were created in part by teachers whom I have trained and worked with at Robert Wagner Middle School located in Manhattan, New York. In addition to blank forms for duplication, I have also included completed samples. These samples come directly out of classrooms where they are currently being used. After reading this book, I encourage you to share with me your experiences in your own classrooms with these strategies or similar ones.